ABOUT US: Ethnic harmony foundation is a non-government organisation, based in the city of Rousse, Bulgaria. It develops programmes that promote inclusion, tolerance, democracy and cooperation between youth and adults from different ethnic groups through arts, culture, education, sports. The organisation dates back to 1997 and unites people with high capacity and competences. Our team is fluent in Bulgarian, English, German, French, Russian and Romanian. We have had successful projects that include art methods, music, theatre, puppet theatre, performing arts, non-formal education, seminars, discussions, conferences, concerts etc.


THEMES OF WORK: International exchanges, youth activities, formal and nonformal education, art therapy, music, dance, songs, theatre, arts, intercultural dialogue, dialogue between the generations, democracy, social inclusion, integration, human rights, volunteering, prevention of aggression, discrimination acts, racism and xenophobia, conferences, seminars, teaching courses, debates, discussions, negotiations, education for adults, education for youth, active citizenship, sport activities, cultural activities, european projects, camps etc.


Ethnic harmony foundation

92, Petrohan Str., entr.1, p.b. 15,

Rousse 7005, Bulgaria

Contact person: Rumyana Kucarova

E-mail: ethnicharmony@abv.bg

Phone: 00359 82 897413

Fax: 00359 82 897413

Mobile: 00359 888 554855

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